One school  has been working on teaching learners to ask questions  and then giving them small group tasks  where they  have to ask lots of questions – ie. information gap activities, the game ’20 questions’ and ‘taboo’. For more ideas see our ‘Oral Interaction‘ page.


Use challenging texts different from course books, reading strategy check lists, use English reading texts with target language words inserted, then reflect on the strategies used. Also see our ‘Reading‘ page.


Try implementing small things, e.g.  before a listening task, use one of the prediction grids  and then after the first listening, allow learners to discuss whether they thought their predictions were true or not and what were the clues? For more ideas see the ‘Listening‘ page.


Try using writing as a means for introducing a new topic, by encouraging students to use language that they already know and extending/adapting it. For more ideas, see the ‘Writing‘ page.