Underpinning research

Further down this page you will find references to the research underpinning the principles by the Principal Investigator of the study, Professor Suzanne Graham, and the Co-Investigator, Professor Ernesto Macaro.

These presentations also describe how evidence drawn from a wide breadth of research has been used to inform the eight principles. They were used at a series of workshops to introduce the eight principles to language professionals in 2012:

Opening Plenary

A useful ITE/CPD exercise comparing two different approaches to using the target language in the classroom can be downloaded here.  The activity was used in the opening plenary at the workshops.

Listening/Reading/Writing Workshop

Oral Interaction Workshop

Closing Plenary


Research References

The links will take you to a site where you can access the abstract. We are working on making the whole journal articles accessible via this link shortly.

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