The Principles in action: Videos

Here are a selection of  video clips showing teachers using the Principles in their classrooms.

1. Students talk about the writing model 

2. Developing writing as a skill

Click here for transcript

3. Giving feedback on a writing task

Click here for transcript

4. Reading at a higher level – Le Dragon Toxique

Click here for transcript

5a. Practising French sounds

Click here for transcript

5b. Practising French sound-spelling links

Click here for transcript

6. Using strategies for communication

Click here for transcript

7. Developing spontaneous classroom language 

8. Using the target language 

9. Producing extended spoken answers used as a listening task

(the caption in this video wrongly refers to year 9 – this is in fact a year 8 class) 

10. Becoming effective listeners

11. Using effective prediction in listening 

12. Using listening strategies 

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