National Curriculum Resources made by teachers

Here we have gathered together resources kindly submitted by teachers who attended our  CPD sessions on the new National Curriculum in MFL and how the Principles can support it.



Flashcards/posters for classroom language, to support spontaneous target language use and teacher use of the target language (suitable for primary and secondary classrooms) can be downloaded here .

A CPD participant sent in this idea for developing speaking confidence: frenchsentencebuilding.docx .

Click here for a PDF file of colour-coded French phonemes.


Caroline sent in a selection of materials for developing sound recognition and segmentation skills, mainly for secondary school learners but which could also be used at KS2. Download them  here .

Have a look at this listening activity for Spanish Year 5 learners that encourages prediction and verification.  Download the Powerpoint Las Fallas Y5 here and the accompanying Yr5_Las fallas prediction-grid here.

This German Video starter presentation links to some short, fun  Youtube videos (click on the image to play the video). Includes comprehension questions too.


Click here for a  Powerpoint presentation of some fun German reading starters – one per slide.  Play the linked short video clip at the end of the activity – or at the end of lesson, if you can wait that long!


Download a PDF of some simple French word runs involving colours and numbers here.


Ah, French grammar… beginners are keen and may say they understand it, but how confident are they, and have they truly  mastered it? Find out with this handy beginners’ grammar checklist!

Using technology

These ideas for French decoding using a word-to-speech converter, an online voice recorder and a qr-code generator were sent in  by Fabien Massonnet.

Grapheme/phoneme correspondence (GPC)

Click here for a collection of classroom activities to practise French GPCs and decoding.

This primary level French word run activity involving colours and numbers gets students out of their seats to practise GPCs.