Funding for the Professional Development Consortium in MFL comes to an end in May (though this website will continue to run). We’d like to find out how useful the website and the Principles have been for language teachers. If you can, please give one minute of your time to answer five quick questions about your involvement in the Consortium this year:
Here are some key facts to summarise what has been achieved:
– 300+ participants at 7 free workshops and 3 conferences around England
– 100+ language teachers and teacher trainers have told us they incorporated the Principles in their practice
– 7000+ visitors to the website
– 8 research based principles to bring positive change to language teaching!
If you want to join an informal cluster of language teachers in your local area to meet occasionally and discuss how to develop your students’ language learning skills, then email – we can put you in touch with others nearby who want to do the same.
Thank you to everyone who has been involved and for your support this year!