Videos available to view!

The process of seeking permissions from parents and carers to post the videos from the PDC in MFL workshops has been a long one, but we are getting there slowly! The first two videos can be viewed on the Videos page, if you have received the password that we sent by email to all delegates and people interested in the Consortium. If you would like access to the password, please contact telling her your name and organisation/school. Watch this space for more videos. All the other materials from the workshops are available through the pages on the top menu bar. You are welcome to download them and share with your colleagues. Thanks!

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Workshop materials now uploaded to this blog!

You can now access the materials and PowerPoints from the workshops on this blog. Use the menu bar across the top of the screen to navigate to separate pages for Listening, Reading, Writing and Oral Interaction. The PowerPoint presentations and other miscellaneous documents can be found on the ‘Other Resources’ page. The video clips shown at the workshops will be uploaded for you to watch as soon as all permissions have been sought from parents/carers, which we hope will happen early in the new term.

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Additional workshop at the University of Nottingham

A further workshop took place at the University of Nottingham on Friday 28 September 2012 following the high demand from language professionals who wanted to take part. More than 84 language teachers, ITE tutors and trainees attended the workshop. Professors Suzanne Graham (Reading University) and Ernesto Macaro (Oxford University) presented the evidence underpinning eight principles for effective teaching and learning practice in MFL classrooms. The response from delegates was extremely positive and many have committed to sharing the principles with their departments this term, when they will also start putting the ideas into practice with their students!


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Calling all Modern Languages Colleagues!

By Heike Bruton

 For information about the Consortium, contact details, and instructions how to register for a workshop, please see the ‘About’ section.

The first Professional Development Consortium in MFL workshop took place on Wednesday 13 June at the Willink School in Burghfield Common.

Despite flooding of many roads in the area, delegates arrived numerously and raring to go! Professor Suzanne Graham and Professor Ernesto Macaro of Reading and Oxford Universities, together with Consortium teachers Sarah Rae and Jenny Skinner (both from the Willink), presented a session each on Oral Interaction and Listening, Reading and Writing. The feedback for the day was very positive- here are just some selected quotes:

Really good and useful day. Lots of food for thought. Definitely recommend! – via twitter

Discussed the training with my current dept today who are all v keen. Have passed on the flyer too and hope one of them could join you at another date. I really want to launch it to my new dept too! – via email

Thank you for the workshops yesterday. We have always been very keen on developing skills in our department but so far, we have been missing a coherent and coordinated approach. So this is fantastic! – via email

Many thanks to you and the rest of the team for a fantastic workshop today. It will take me a while to digest all the brilliant ideas that
Ernesto, Suzanne and the other speakers gave us, but I’m looking forward to sharing with my department and having a good think together how we can implement some of these ideas. I hope the rest of the workshops go just as well as today’s did! – via email

Back at school today, have been v positive about PDC- my HoD is interested- hope it’s not too late to register for another workshop?! – via twitter

I really hope the project will snowball – many of the colleagues in the audience seemed strong, reflective and enthusiastic practitioners – so I can’t wait to hear more! -via email

Very useful to see video clips with examples for all skills. Very good to have the teachers involved deliver the workshops- via evaluation form

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